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My Favority graphic designing for graphics is Ciruelo.  I have every calendar of his and his books.  Here is a link to a site about him.  It shows about some of his work, but no all.  Check it out if you like. Below are a few of his works.

   This section of my website describes all about me.  The things I love and where I grew up.  I originally grew up in Dayton, Ohio and then movied to Clarkston Michigan after my 4th grade school year.  I lived in Michigan for four years and moved to Dublin, Ohio in the middle of 8th grade.  I finished out my last year of middle school at Grizzle Middle School.  Then I graduated in the class of 2003 at Dublin Coffman Highschool.  Right out of Highschool I went to Columbus State Community College for a year, then transfered to OSU.  I am still currently going to OSU a plan to be done hopefully around the end of 2008. I currently live on campus at 33 west. 10th Ave.
  The main thing that I collect and am totally obessed with is Dragons.  Here is a picture of some of my things.  I wouldn't have enough space to put everything I own with dragons.  I had to leave a lot at home becuase I didn't have enough space at my campus house.

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